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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sojourn shares sold

Since I posted information about Sojourn being the oldest of the boats on show at the Braunston Boat Share Show next weekend (25th and 26th April) all her available shares have been sold!

That's great news for the former owners of the shares and for the new owners who will be enjoying their holidays on board.  But it does mean that Sojourn will not be at the show.

If you see Sojourn when you're out, do have a word with the owners - they may be new to shared ownership and glad to have a chat.

The smallest of the boats on show at Braunston
will be Little Dawn at just 40ft.  Shares in this
2009 boat are available at £5,495

There's still plenty to see at Braunston, with boats ranging from 40ft to 62ft, launch dates from 1994 to 2015 and share prices from £995 to £10,950.

All the shares currently available from the management companies are listed here and you can view or download the Show Guide here.

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