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Friday, October 9, 2015

Ownashare changes hands

Ownashare Cruising, one of the three main shared ownership management companies, has been bought by Alan Tingey of Drayton Boats Services.

The original Ownashare team felt that they had taken the company as far as they could and that extra expertise was needed to secure the future growth of the company.  Members of all the syndicates for whom Ownashare manage boats have been told of the change.

Ownashare have had a working relationship with Drayton for some time - and their newest boat, Heartsease, was fitted out by Drayton.

Heartsease, introduced to the shared ownership market by
Ownashare, was fitted out by Drayton Boat Services.
A 1/12th share is currently on offer for £6.950
Ownashare staff will continue to look after the boats they manage on behalf of the owners' syndicates.

Drayton Boat Services are boat builders with a hire fleet and boat brokerage.  The change should bring enhanced engineering services and other skills to develop Ownashare.  There is no information yet about any new shared ownership boat the company might build.

Tom Houston, speaking for Ownashare, said "The Ownashare team are very pleased and excited by this new venture and we feel that the future looks much brighter for the company and its boat syndicate members."

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Welcome to 29 new families

As a result of the autumn Boat Share Show in Middlewich last month, 29 new families have joined the shared ownership community.

Delighted to be new owners of a share in Dawn 'Til Dusk are
Steve and Julie Phelps with Sarah and the dogs.
Dawn 'Til Dusk is the newest boat launched and managed by
BCBM on behalf of the owners' syndicate.

"The National Boat Share Shows don't attract vast numbers of people, but those who come are entirely focused on shared ownership," says Andrew Cooley, show organiser.  "Around 200 people - 100 families - came to look at the shared ownership narrowboats at Middlewich and to talk to existing owners and the management companies so, for 29 of those families to become new share owners is very impressive."

"The next National Boat Share Show will be at Braunston Marina on the weekend of 23rd & 24th April 2016 and we already know that there will be two brand new shared ownership narrowboats to be seen there for the first time."