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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Lilaea hits the Braunston road

Lilaea, Carefree Cruising's brand new boat, is now on a lorry en route for Braunston.  It will be craned into the water at Braunston Marina on Thursday ready to be viewed by visitors to the Boat Share Show on Saturday and Sunday.

Lilaea - on the lorry and off to Braunston

While Lilaea will be the newest boat at the show, Serenade and Swallow - both managed by BCBM - will share the honours for being the oldest.  Both were launched in 1994.  

So the ages of boats on show will vary from 'new born' to 21, share prices range from £995 to £10,950 and lengths range from 40ft to 62ft.  Spoilt for choice!

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