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Friday, May 13, 2016

Shared Ownership at Crick

Visitors to the Crick Boat Show on 28th - 30th May can find two of the leading shared ownership boat management companies amongst the exhibitors. They will be showing off their brand new boats - launched at the National Boat Share Show in April.

BCBM (stand F27) will have the new 61ft semi-trad Breaking Dawn there. She has a luxurious specification similar to the other boats built in the UK for BCBM specifically for shared ownership, and shares are available at £9,995.

Discussing the features of Breaking Dawn at the
National Boat Share Show at Braunston
Carefree Cruising (stand Q28 and F18/19) will be showing Happy Days, which was craned in to Braunston less than 24 hours before the Boat Share Show opened.  She is a 58ft semi trad boat with a range of shares available, starting at £4,000, with the cost depending on the time of year owners want to take their holidays.

Happy Days - so freshly launched at Braunston,
she hadn't got her name painted on.

Exhibiting at Crick is costly, so J D Boat services, who recently launched a new shared ownership syndicate for the fully refurbished 59ft semi-trad Heron., will not be there.  Shares in Heron are available at £6,499.  Ownashare, the other well-established shared ownership management company will also not be at Crick, but they have a range of previously owned shares on offer on their website.

To view and compare lots of shared ownership boats, you need to come to one of the Boat Share Shows - the next one is on 3rd & 4th September at Overwater Marina.