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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Thanks for making it such a successful show

Thanks to everyone who made the Autumn Boat Share Show such a success - Overwater Marina for hosting the event, RNLI for having the Show alongside its Festival, all the owners and companies who supported it and, last but certainly not least, the visitors who came along.

Yes, the weather could have been better and we could have done without the wind that damaged the Welcome Tent. But we all came through in good spirits, shares found new owners and many questions were answered about the workings of shared narrowboat ownership.

In all, 12 boats took part in the Show including self-managed craft and boats managed by three of the companies represented.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Watch the webcam

We'll be preparing for the Boat Share Show at Overwater Marina tomorrow (Friday) and you can catch some of the action on the marina's webcam.  We're getting the boats in place in the afternoon - despite the forecast wind - and the location for the boats on view is right in front of the webcam.


Willow will be on view

Willow, commissioned and managed for her owners by Carefree Cruising, will be on view at the Autumn Boat Share Show at Overwater Marina this weekend.

A 58ft semi-trad boat, she has a 'conventional' forward saloon, mid-galley and stern bedroom layout.  Launched in 2004, Willow is powered by a Beta Marine 43hp engine and is fitted with Vetus 55 electric bowthrusters.  For 2017 she is based at Aston Marina, just south of Stone on the Trent and Mersey Canal.

A 1/12th 'yellow' share in Willow is currently on offer at £1,000.  For details of the allocation scheme operated by Carefree Cruising, please see the details here.

We got it wrong!

When we put a piece on this site about Shadow being the oldest boat at the Autumn Boat Share Show, that was true at the time.  But, since, then, Serenade has booked her place at the Show and her syndicate has been in existence a whole year longer than Shadow's.

Like Shadow, Serenade was originally commissioned by Ownerships, but she is now managed for her owners by BCBM.  Both boats have the same general layout, with a forward saloon, mid-galley and rear main bedroom - and both have semi-trad sterns.

Serenade is currently based at Anderton Marina  - very near the famous Anderton Boat Lift - so convenient cruising roads include the River Weaver as well as the northern part of the Trent & Mersey Canal.

A 1/12th school holiday share in Serenade is on offer at the Show for just £999.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Happy Days cruises in

Launched by Carefree Cruising at the 2016 National boat Share Show in Braunston, Happy Days will be on view again at the Autumn Boat Share Show at Overwater Marina this coming weekend (9th & 10th September).

At 58ft long, Happy Days can navigate virtually the whole of the inland waterways network. She is currently based at the Kings Lock Boatyard in Middlewich, so owners can easily explore the Trent & Mersey, the Four Counties ring and the Llangollen Canal.

Featuring a 'reverse' layout, Happy Days has the main bedroom at the bow and the saloon at the stern, with a mid-galley.  She is powered by a Canaline 42 engine and is fitted with Vetus 55 electric bow thrusters.  Shares are on offer from £4,500.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Former Challenger boat at Show

The only boat at the Show this coming weekend that was originally commissioned by Challenger Syndicateships will be Black Watch.  She is now managed for her owners by BCBM and is currently based at Overwater Marina, where the Show is being held in conjunction with the RNLI Festival.

Black Watch is a 62ft semi-trad narrowboat launched in 2004 and powered by her original Nanni engine.

Prospective owners looking at her annual budget should note that it includes gas bottles for the year plus a sizeable winter maintenance fund contribution.  Syndicates vary in how they deal with both these items.  Many have an arrangement whereby owners replace any gas bottles emptied on their trip. Not all syndicates include a contribution to winter maintenance within the annual budget, preferrig to leave this to be paid after decisions on maintenance are made at the AGM. 

Black Watch has one 4% share and twelve 8% shares, two of which are currently on offer.