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Thursday, August 31, 2023

There are still just under 100 shares on offer, all listed in our comprehensive list of available shares (, last updated today, 31st August.

The shares that were on offer at just £1 - due to personal circumstances and the need for a quick sale  - have now both been sold, so the least expensive share is now £500 for a 1/24th yellow share in the 58ft semi-trad Serendipity, launched in 2008.  The boat is managed and the share is being offered by Carefree Cruising.


Currently the highest asking price is for a 1/3rd share of the privately managed Phoenix No 1, a 62ft semi-trad boat launched in 2001, the share being advertised on the site.

Monday, August 21, 2023

Shares continue to sell over the summer

At the last update of our list of available shares (, the number of shares on offer had dropped back again to less than 100.  This is higher than the immediate post-pandemic level but lower than pre-pandemic levels which were generally around 120 shares on offer.

Share prices now cover a wider range than ever, with a share on offer for as little as £1 for a quick sale due to personal circumstances up to £18,000 for a 1/3rd share in a private scheme.