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Monday, January 3, 2022

Please help us keep our information up to date


Please help us update the details of self-managed shared ownership boats.

Keeping the details of self managed boats up to date is difficult because we only get information when shares are offered on one of the monitored sites.

With around half of all shared ownership narrowboats being self-managed, that leaves a big hole in the data.

So if you know anything about any of these boats it would be great to hear from you.  We would particularly like to know where they are currently moored
- and, of course, whether they are still shared ownership boats.

If you click on a boat name in this list, you will open a response form with the details we currently have already entered. Just enter any new or different information and submit the form. Providing you include your email address, you will automatically get an email acknowledgement showing the amended details.

Any boat details you provide may be shared with Philip Duerden, whose (unrelated) site also carries a list of shared ownership boats.

Saturday, January 1, 2022

to all shared ownership boat owners - past, present and future

We're back!  After the past two terrible years - when we've also had problems maintaining our web presence - it's good to be back listing currently available shares for sale advertised by the five companies we monitor.

We are unable to return to updating our list of available shares on a daily basis, but we will now show the date when the list was last verified by checking the sites we monitor.  We can't, of course, predict when a share will sell, so you always need to contact the broker or vendor to confirm that the share you're interested in is still available.

Shared ownership continues to be the best value for money for narrowboat holidays but, with only 40 shares currently being advertised, most syndicates are full. 

With around 250 shared ownership narrowboats on the waterways, that means that approaching 3,000 families are already enjoying the benefits.  We hope that 2022 brings even more enjoyment from your boat share.