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Monday, March 4, 2013

Promising start to 2013 for shared ownership

Shared ownership of narrowboats has received a boost to start 2013 with announcements by two of the major management companies that they are building new boats for shared ownership - that will be at least another 25 families enjoying their own shared narrowboat.

ABC's new shared ownership boat Harmonia
made a snow covered debut at the
company's first 2013 open day in February
First to announce their new 12 owner boat Harmonia were ABC.  It is a 'sister ship' to Isis.

Edward Helps, MD of ABC, tells me that shares are selling well and prospective owners braved the snow to attend ABC's first open day of the year and see her in build as pictured here.

The shell of Dawn Mist, BCBM's fourth new boat,
is craned into Nantwich canal basin before the
start of the show there at the beginning of March
BCBM have also announced a new 4 berth, 12½ share boat, Dawn Mist, which has a similar configuration to Dawn Treader.  I was at Nantwich helping to get Sundowner ready for the show there when the shell for Dawn Mist was craned into the basin alongside us, as pictured here.

BCBM have also introduced a staged payment scheme for the new owners of Dawn Mist, so that they can 'own' the boat as she is fitted out.   

Plans are in hand for both these new boats to be on view at the Crick Show on 25th - 27th May.

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