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Monday, March 5, 2018

Can you help fill in the blanks?

Have you come across - or do you own a share in - any of these boats:

Beaufort, Charlton No2, Co-Operation, Copperkins II, Damsel, Dream Weaver, Great Escape, Greenberfield, Indomitable or Valour?

We know they are - or were - self-managed shared ownership narrowboats, but we haven't heard anything about them for quite a while and our database has hardly any details of them.   We would love to hear what's happened to them and where they are now.

There are a number of others for which we have incomplete information in our database.  They're all shown in our list of shared ownership narrowboats.  It's easy to send us an update to fill in the blanks - just click on the name of the boat in the list, and you will get an update form which will be emailed to us - with a copy to whoever sent in the update.  Your email address remains confidential and all updates will be acknowledged.

If you know that the boat is no longer in shared ownership, please just drop me an email to let me know - - and I'll remove the boat from our list.

We don't want the details for any other reason than to provide the best possible information for anyone interested in shared ownership narrowboats. If you're able to help - thanks  lot.

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