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Sunday, September 3, 2017

Former Challenger boat at Show

The only boat at the Show this coming weekend that was originally commissioned by Challenger Syndicateships will be Black Watch.  She is now managed for her owners by BCBM and is currently based at Overwater Marina, where the Show is being held in conjunction with the RNLI Festival.

Black Watch is a 62ft semi-trad narrowboat launched in 2004 and powered by her original Nanni engine.

Prospective owners looking at her annual budget should note that it includes gas bottles for the year plus a sizeable winter maintenance fund contribution.  Syndicates vary in how they deal with both these items.  Many have an arrangement whereby owners replace any gas bottles emptied on their trip. Not all syndicates include a contribution to winter maintenance within the annual budget, preferrig to leave this to be paid after decisions on maintenance are made at the AGM. 

Black Watch has one 4% share and twelve 8% shares, two of which are currently on offer.

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