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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

First boats named for Autumn Show

The first four boats attending the Autumn Boat Share Show at Overwater Marina on 3rd & 4th September have been named.  They are Happy Days, Invincible, Oakmere and Shelton

Happy Days was built for and is managed by Carefree Cruising.
She was launched at the National Boat Share Show
at Braunston last April.  A 1/12th share is available at £7,495.

Invincible was originally built in 2007 for Challenger Syndicateships
and is now managed by BCBM.
An 8% share is on offer at £3,200.

Oakmere is a replica tug, unique amongst shared ownership
narrowboats.  She was built as a private commission in 2011
and was subsequently bought by BCBM to become a syndicate boat.
An 8% share is available for £9,950.
Shelton, a 58ft semi-trad boat, was built in 2009 for Ownerships.
Like a number of other ex-Ownerships boats, she is now
managed for the owning syndicate by BCBM.
A full share is on the market for £4,000. 

All the boats at the show will have shares available.  Currently the asking prices for 1/12th or 8% shares range from just £500 up to £9,995.  We know of 91 shares available at the moment and these are all listed here.  This number is about 20% down compared with the same time last year due to the strong demand for shares since the Braunston Boat Share Show last April.

(Photos copyright of Carefree Cruising (Happy Days) and BCBM (Invincible, Oakmere and Shelton.)

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