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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Back to where it started

The autumn Boat Share event for 2016 will be at Overwater Marina and linked with the RNLI Festival on the weekend of 3rd & 4th September.

Andrew Barton of BCBM (left) and
Artie Chalmers of Carefree Cruising
at the 2013 RNLI Festival at Overwater Marina.
This will mark a return to the point at which the idea of a combined shared ownership event started.  It was first suggested in a post on this site in June 2013, after I had visited the RNLI Festival at Overwater and found the bosses of two of the shared ownership management companies sharing a platform.

As organiser of the Boat Share Shows under the banner of, I made the decision to bring next year's autumn event to Overwater.  I'm convinced that it will provide an excellent venue with all the facilities needed.  There is no conflict of interest between the RNLI Festival and the boat share event - they will be complementary.  Having the two events together can only heighten the awareness of the benefits of shared ownership.

A lot of water has flowed through the locks since June 2013, but there is still no doubt that the Boat Share events offer an excellent shop window for the concept of shared narrowboat ownership.

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