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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

'Warm' welcome on Canalworld forum!

The website received a warmer than expected welcome when it was announced on the Canalworld forum!

Some members felt that it was wrong to post news of the site in a general discussion forum.  One member lodged a complaint and the moderators briefly removed the posting from the site.
Andrew Cooley

It was, however, quickly re-instated and the site owner posted a message saying, "Andrew and I have been in contact and this thread and his website has my support.  It's a free to use site aimed only at bringing information to its readers, much like Canalworld itself."

"The thread contains many positive comments from members who value the sort of information this site can provide, and I am most grateful for their support," comments Andrew Cooley. 

One of the results of the controversy was that that many members of the forum used the links to this site, which resulted in more than 2,780 page views within the first 12 days of it's existence.  The second largest number of referrals has been from the ex-Ownerships forum.

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